Foundation Flash Cartoon Animation

"Foundation Flash Cartoon Animation"
PDF | 350 pages | 8.3 MB

Whether you are an experienced Flash designer or developer looking for a guide to doing animation in Flash, or a novice to Flash who is looking for an effective way to create and distribute animations, this book will prove invaluable to you.

Covering every aspect of Flash animation, the book is a fast-paced yet thorough review of the Flash animation process. Written by the Emmy-Award winning team at ANIMAX, this book not only reveals the step-by-step process followed by one of today's leading Flash animation studios, it gives you valuable tips and tricks to take your Flash animation to the next level.

Divided into three phases of production (pre-production, animation, post-production) this book breaks the Flash animation process into smaller, more manageable steps. And because the authors approach the animation process from various perspectives (such as producer, animator, and editor) the book balances many of the real-world issues facing today's Flash animators, from artistic to technical to financial.

The book starts off by looking at planning and designing an animation project, including working out your goals, and putting together character libraries and storyboards. Next up we look at the production phase, which includes using plug-ins to make your work more efficient, implementing your animation, and adding special effects. Finally, we look at post-production work, including how After Effects can be used effectively alongside Flash for tasks such as camera mechanics, how to make Flash not look like Flash, and tips and tricks from the experts.

Whatever the reason, like millions of others around the world you've become interested in Flash animation. And you've come to the right place to learn more. This book is compatible with pretty much any fairly recent version of Flash.

  • Covers the full process of Flash animation, through preproduction, production, and post production
  • Covers many practical techniques, including creating character libraries, using plugins, and camera mechanics with After Effects.
  • Written by the Emmy award winning ANIMAX studios team

What you'll learn

  • How to effectively plan an animation project
  • How to put together storyboards
  • How to create elegant character libraries
  • How to set up your .fla file, ready for animation to commence
  • How to make more efficient use of your time with plugins, where to find good plugins, and how to create your own
  • How to animate, frame by frame, or using tweens
  • Why After Effects can be better than Flash for some tasks.
  • Effective After Effects Techniques, such as camera mechanics
  • How to make Flash not look like Flash

Summary of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - The Project Plan
  • Chapter 2 - Character Libraries
  • Chapter 3 - Storyboards and Animatics
  • Chapter 4 - Setting Up Your FLA
  • Chapter 5 - Plug-ins and Extensions
  • Chapter 6 - Frame by Frame Animation
  • Chapter 7 - Animating With Tweens
  • Chapter 8 - Animation Special Effects
  • Chapter 9 - Why Use After Effects?
  • Chapter 10 - After Effects and Camera Mechanics
  • Chapter 11 - Making Flash Not Look Like Flash
  • Chapter 12 - Tips and Tricks


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